Songs & Smiles

A music group for 0-4 year olds, their grown-ups and care home residents.

We sing, move, play, make friends and have lots of fun!

Our sessions have been designed by specialists to make them engaging and interactive for the youngest through to the oldest members of the group. Our mission is for everyone to come away smiling, and we mean everyone - tiny babies, on-the-go toddlers, parents and guardians, older residents, people living with dementia, care home staff, our volunteers, the residents' families (who often love to join us)...we all have a great time.

From colourful scarves and shakers to bubble machines and action songs, there's plenty to stimulate the imagination and senses. Our sessions are informal and relaxed, giving everyone the chance to participate at their own comfort level.

After the music we have Meet & Mingle time - lots of toys, refreshments and time to chat. As parents/guardians and children become regular attendees, intergenerational friendships begin to flourish. It’s lovely for residents to watch the little ones grow over time, for parents/guardians to connect with new people and for children to have older people in their lives on a regular basis

  • Lowers anxiety
  • Reduces loneliness
  • Lowers agitation
  • Improves cognitive skills
  • Self expression
  • Creative expression and stimulation
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Social connections – supporting relationships
  • Facilitating communication
  • Pleasure and enjoyment
  • Living well
  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Diagnosis
  • Post diagnosis – early years
  • Post diagnosis – later years
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Refreshments
  • Disabled access
  • Public transport